Pagan Partners - Terms and Conditions

The name 'Pagan Partners', website, images and html coding are the intellectual property of Pagan Partners and may not be reproduced, copied or posted to newsgroups, etc. without the express consent of Pagan Partners.

Pagan Partners membership is subject to the approval of Pagan Partners. We retain the right to refuse/cancel membership at any time. Pagan Partners also reserves the right to edit personal profiles submitted to make them more suitable for the service. This includes removal of any email addresses, phone numbers or other contact information which cannot be entered in a profile as it circumvents the membership system as profiles are publicly viewable. In the event of aprofile submission being deemed as unsuitable the submitter will be offered a second chance of submission of their profile, said profile having to meet the suitability standards of Pagan Partners. If the profile standards are not met after a second chance any monies paid are non-refundable and your monies will be considered as forfeit therein.

Misuse of the service by any member will automatically result in closure of account.

The minimum age of any member of Pagan Partners shall be at least 18 years of age.

If your email address changes you must inform Pagan Partners of the change or mail forwarding to yourself cannot be guaranteed and we take no responsibility for subsequent loss of mail therein.

If your internet provider reports that your address no longer exists then Pagan Partners may subsequently close your account, resulting in loss of your membership. Please note that some mail forwarding services (for example hotmail/bigfoot/yahoo etc.) may limit the amount of mail stored and as such we cannot guarantee mail reaching you through these services - it is always better to use your real email address.

Any mail sent from an unrecognised email address shall be deemed from a non-member and thus be deleted automatically by our server.

Pagan Partners takes no responsibility for content of any messages forwarded through our mailing system or results from subsequent meetings/contacts between members therein.

Any complaints are to be sent to admin AT who will deal with the matter accordingly. Please note, the messaging system makes copies of all mail sent through itself for archive and complaints purposes.

All mail sent through the Pagan Partners mail system is monitored periodically for suitability.

Pagan Partners takes no responsibility of the content of the adverts or pictures submitted to Pagan Partners and the legality of said pictures/postings is the responsibility of the member concerned. We also reserve the right to edit any advert / profile we deem necessary. We also reserve the right to use any text submitted for advertising purposes, whilst still maintaining the anonymity of our clients.

All monies paid to Pagan Partners for membership are non-refundable, once you have logged into the website, as this is deemed that you have used the service. If you have not logged into the website, then a refund can be issued upon request. Our payments are handled by our payment company Group It Ltd of 714 Attercliffe Road, Sheffield, S9 3RP, UK ( to whom correspondence can be addressed concerning your membership if you are not satisfied with the response from our email admin team.

You have the right to cancel your membership at any time, however only single payments are ever taken for membership, and billing is not recurring. Membership renewal is by your choice only, so only one payment is ever taken for membership of the site and use of the system for the chosen length of your membership time. Part refunds cannot be given for early membership cancellation.

Users shall indemnify Pagan Partners against any loss or damage arising from unauthorised use of the web site or disclosure of the password or username and from all actions, proceedings, claims, demands, costs (including legal costs), awards and damages howsoever arising, directly or indirectly as a result of any breach by users of any of its obligations under these terms and conditions.

While Pagan Partners does their best to forward all mail from their clients, we cannot guarantee all forwarded emails will always get to the intended destination due to any subsequent technical problems caused by the internet or providers concerned, and cannot be held responsible for any subsequent loss of mail therein. We also do not warrant that the web site will never be uninterrupted or error or defect free

Whilst we will endeavour to process all applications / complaints within a set period, this may not be so due to operating constraints and email delivery delays, and Pagan Partners takes no responsibility for this whatsoever.

Spamming of any of members for advertising purposes is expressly forbidden. Any member found abusing their messaging privileges in this way will find that this results in closure of their account and we will inform the relevant ISP of their said abusive actions.

All emails, photographs and data included in any other form of communication submitted to Pagan Partners may be used on other sites which use the "Pagan Partners Engine" database system. In such cases members of Pagan Partners will automatically become associate members of the sites concerned. In addition members of the site concerned will become associate members of Pagan Partners. All personal data remains strictly under the controls of Pagan Partners and will not under ANY circumstances be released to third parties.

No email addresses kept will be used / sold as mailing lists - they will be used for internal membership communications only and for administrative or site newsletter email notifications only.

The Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time.

Submitting an application for membership to Pagan Partners is acceptance of these terms and conditions.

E and OE (C) Pagan Partners

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